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Get inspired with our top tips and advice on creating space and reducing clutter, adding decorative touches to transform any room
and how you can bring the latest interior design trends into your home.

Checklist for more storage space

Tips to optimise your storage space and make the most of unused storage potential.

1 – Check your existing furniture

Is this furniture making good use of the available space or is it just aesthetic? We can lose a lot of valuable storage space by having furniture in the wrong sizes. We make sure our solutions, gives the best possible storage space using the optimum height and width. Not only is the look and size important, but also the visual factor. A ceiling-high shelf is not possible in every room situation so our experts will advise you in detail.

2 – Furniture Made to Measure

A piece of furniture planned according to the customer’s wishes is something special. It is produced exactly according to your taste and above all, to suite the space required perfectly. You decide exactly how many drawers, compartments and other extras your piece of furniture should have. Custom-made furniture allows for specific solutions to meet the customers specifications.

3 – Use Comfort Zones

When planning furniture, it is important to consider walkways to create the perfect comfort zone. There are great additions to consider, when creating custom made furniture, that allow the space to be more practical whilst maximising storage. For example, a wardrobe can be fitted with a clothes lift so that you can use the full height without having problems reaching your clothes.

checklist for storage space

4 – High compartments

Especially for storage in higher compartments, use boxes to make sure that everything stays clean and together.

5 – Clean Storage

If you are not going to use items for a long time, for example seasonal clothing or household items that you use infrequently. Always make sure they are clean to avoid nasty surprises the next time you use them

6 – Furniture with dual use

The greatest potential lies in furniture that offers you more than a single use. For example, our Sliding Tv Door, which is a sliding door with an integrated screen. This saves you an extra shelf on which the TV has to be placed. Another example is an integrated mirror or light in a door.

7 – Use niches

Small niches that are normally unused can be used to create storage wonders; These are areas that standard furniture would not fit and therefore would be a void space. There is always a better solution when considering customer made furniture. A niche can be given a whole new use. For example, you can use an alcove to create a workspace or simply to create extra storage space for household appliances.

Top things to consider when designing your wardrobe

Designing a bespoke wardrobe is easy for us here at Wardrobe Warehouse Winchester, but how do you decide what elements you want your custom-made wardrobe to have?

Here are some of the top things to consider when designing your wardrobe, to make sure it gives you all the storage space you need along with ideal aesthetics for your room.

1 – Doors

Sliding wardrobe doors make it easy to access the whole of your wardrobe, without taking up any additional space in your room when they are open. If you would prefer a design with no doors, We are able to provide an open solution, giving total access.

2 – Interior Partitions

Once you know the overall dimensions of your wardrobe, it’s time to choose how many vertical partitions you want inside it.You can choose to have a number of interior elements to give an exact split in your wardrobe. Initially you can start with separate sections behind each door and then you can add extra sections, to suit your needs.

3 – Hanging Space

One of the other things to consider when designing your wardrobe is hanging space. Most people use their wardrobe to hang clothes, so give yourself enough room for the garments you often wear. Some clothes need more vertical space, therefore you might want to have at least one interior element with full-height hanging space.

Uno Interior. Wardrobe configuration

4 – Drawers and Shelving

Wardrobes are not only for hanging clothes. Internal drawers and shelving create versatile space for storing clothing, such as smaller clothing items like socks and underwear.

It’s likely that you have clear ideas about what you do and don’t like in this respect, the beauty of a fully bespoke wardrobe is that you can choose open shelves, internal drawers, or a combination of both – whichever you prefer.

Some may choose to have no hanging space at all, instead preferring to fill their wardrobe space with shelving, and store all of their clothes folded.

ecoline interior system

5 – Other Equipment

We offer a number of extra items you can add to your custom wardrobe design:

– Height adjuster to slightly raise the base of the wardrobe.
– Skirting gap to allow the wardrobe to stand flush against a wall with skirting boards.
– Back wall options including attached or notched walls.
– Drawer doubling and milled or standard drawer handles.

Smart small bedroom storage

Smart Small Bedroom Storage Ideas

Looking to maximise your space? Using every inch of your bedroom is crucial when it comes to managing and storing your belongings.

No one wants to feel overwhelmed or cramped, especially in a small space, which is why multi-functional furniture, careful planning and designed are key. Here are 6 smart small bedroom storage ideas to keep you organised.

Free floating shelves

Hinged wardrobes are great for angled ceilings or awkward spaces as the can be customised to fit the unique dimensions of your room. However, there has to be enough space clearance for the doors to fully open. For more compact or smaller rooms, sliding doors have the biggest advantage of saving you space. As the doors require a floor track to slide open, they do not take up any additional room for you to gain access. As a result, they often provide more internal wardrobe storage than other types of wardrobes.

Modern design and style

Capitalize your wardrobe’s interior by getting the most out of it’s space. At Wardrobe Warehouse Winchester, we are experts in constructing bespoke wardrobe interior systems, designed to transform disused spaces, into clever storage areas for your possessions. Wardrobe accessories are made to measure features that keep your closet clutter-free. From drawer inserts, pull down hanging rails, shoe racks, hooks and much more, to add the perfect finishing touches to your wardrobe.

Fitted bedroom wardrobes

Another major advantage of hinged wardrobes is improved visibility. As they are able to swing fully wide open, this gives you an optimal view of your wardrobe’s contents, making it simpler to pick out the perfect outfit for the day. Unfortunately, this is where sliding wardrobes fall short as around 50% of of the wardrobe’s contents will be obstructed by the panel. But given how easy it is to open and access your belongings, this is only a minor issue.

sloped ceiling wardrobe with desk

Hidden storage ideas

Especially for storage in higher compartments, use boxes to make sure that everything stays clean and together.

– Under-bed drawers

Another smart small bedroom storage ideas is under-bed drawers. A bed is not just for sleeping in. It can also be incorporated with drawers or pull-out boxes underneath for effortless access, as well as hide any items that you would wish to keep out of sight – creating a serene, organised space.

– Hidden desks

With most of us working from home due to the pandemic, we’ve had to get creative in making office space either in our bedroom, lounge or even kitchen. A hidden desk (or hideaway desk) come in a variety of styles and sizes as part of a bureau, dressing table or even work as a foldable desktop that simply attaches to the wall.

Tips for creating the perfect home office

fitted wardrobe with sliding door

With so many of us working from home these days, creating the perfect home office is essential.

Regardless whether you use it full-time, for doing occasional admin work, or personal hobbies, a workspace not only needs to be practical and efficient, but also inspirational and comfortable.

Here at Wardrobe Warehouse Winchester, we have a stylish list of home office ideas to help you maximise your space, no matter its size or shape, as well as aid productivity to keep you organised and engaged. Our wardrobe solutions are so versatile, they can be used for just about anything.

Create a separate functional area

Even the most minimal spaces can be turned into a separate functional area, so consider the location and layout of where you want to work and how it will fit in with your requirements. From garage conversions and conservatories, to the dining room, or even a corner of the bedroom should do the trick. Alternatively, if you don’t have an entirely separate room in the house for an office, then why not create one? Room dividers work very well as flexible and variable home office screens, allowing you to open or close the living room or kitchen as required.

Personalise your home office space

Another tip for creating the perfect home office is injecting a bit of your own personality. This includes wall prints, photos and small decorative ornaments that coordinate with the rest of your space’s style and colours. Customised office supplies and stationary like notebooks, laptop cases, pens and filing folders can also help to elevate your workspace and make you feel a lot more relaxed as you complete daily tasks. 

Get creative with home office storage

When creating the perfect home office, you want to make sure your work area is a clutter free.  Wall mounted storage baskets and free floating shelving for your tools, books and accessories are two ways to utilize the vertical area above, especially if you have a small office, without taking up any precious flooring, desktop or drawer space. 

the perfect home office

Add a neutral element

Finally, bring the outdoors in, with plenty of natural light for a bright, refreshing ambience to boost your mood and productivity levels. It’s also energy efficient and reduces eye strain from mobile and desktop screens.

A well-placed plant and other greenery dotted around your home office is not only aesthetically pleasing, but helps improve indoor air quality, health and focus too.

hinged wardrobes v sliding wardrobes

Hinged Wardrobes vs Sliding Wardrobes: Which is better?

When it comes to finding the perfect fitted wardrobe for your bedroom, there are plenty of things to consider; such as colour, material and the style of door. At Wardrobe Warehouse Winchester, we combine German engineering with expert craftsmanship and manufacturing techniques to create bespoke wardrobe systems and interiors designed to fit your space.

Two of the most popular choices are hinged wardrobes and sliding wardrobes. Both are great as functional pieces of furniture. But which is better? In this article, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of each to help you decide.

Use of space

Hinged wardrobes are great for angled ceilings or awkward spaces as the can be customised to fit the unique dimensions of your room. However, there has to be enough space clearance for the doors to fully open. With clever interior design, you will be able to install racks or hooks on the inside surface of the hinged door for accessories such as jewellery, ties, belts and so on. For more compact or smaller rooms, sliding doors have the biggest advantage of saving you space. As the doors require a floor track to slide open, they do not take up any additional room for you to gain access. As a result, they often provide more internal wardrobe storage than other types of wardrobes.

Modern design and style

Our hinged wardrobes and sliding wardrobes are effortlessly designed to compliment your room’s style, no matter its size or shape. Hinged wardrobe doors are the more traditional option, and come in a variety of colours, materials and panels suited to your individual taste. For added effect, hinged wardrobes also give you the freedom of choosing decorative door handles to match. On the other hand, sliding wardrobes are incredibly modern and neat, thanks to the huge floor-to-ceiling panels with their streamlined design, minimalistic profile and mechanism. Sliding wardrobe panels can also be customised to match your interior including all glass, mirrored, wood or metal. You could even have your favourite photo digitally printed as a personalised one-off piece of bedroom furniture.


Another major advantage of hinged wardrobes is improved visibility. As they are able to swing fully wide open, this gives you an optimal view of your wardrobe’s contents, making it simpler to pick out the perfect outfit for the day. Unfortunately, this is where sliding wardrobes fall short as around 50% of of the wardrobe’s contents will be obstructed by the panel. But given how easy it is to open and access your belongings, this is only a minor issue.

personal image fitted wardrobe


Finally, when it comes to installation hinged wardrobe doors are a lot more time consuming as they require a frame, hardware fittings such as hinges and handles, as well as carpentry precision and accuracy to ensure everything fits into place.

The process to install sliding wardrobe doors is much faster and easier. All it takes is positioning the tracks and wheels in the right place for the panels to smoothly open and close.

In conclusion, both hinged wardrobes and sliding wardrobes have their benefits to consider. Of course, it ultimately depends on the space available and aesthetics of your room’s theme too before you make a decision.

Fitted wardrobe for your sloped ceiling

Sloped ceiling wardrobe with office

Many people share the desire to own their own home, but everyone has a different idea of their personal “dream home”. The spectrum of possibilities is as individual as the concept of the perfect home.

Whether you live in a bungalow, a detached house, an apartment building or you are the proud owner of a villa, there is always a sloping roof somewhere. You are the proud owner of a flat-roofed house and now think to yourself, oh this blog is not interesting for me, perhaps you concluded too quickly. Do you have a staircase? Then you also have a slope in your house, under the stairs.

Why should I use a fitted wardrobe for sloped ceilings?

– Create a workspace
– More storage space for clothes
– Exploit the sloping roof in the walk-in wardrobe
– Create storage space under the stairs
We see wardrobe planning in the sloping roof as one of our core competences. With more than 35 years of experience and the unquestionable quality of our products stand for intelligent, customised room solutions. That’s why we also guarantee you 10-years warranty on all our products.

The workplace under the sloping roof

Turning the sloping roof into a workspace is highly recommended. There are several ways to approach this. One possibility is to create a workspace that is small but can be hidden with sliding doors and is then out of sight after work. If something gets messy on the table, you don’t have to look at it. Our sliding doors, do the job until you can start again the next day with new energy. Another possibility is to create a new room with room dividers. No building measures need to be taken for this. The room dividers with sliding doors can be installed without any problems. This way you not only have a new work surface but a whole separate room.

Built-in wardrobe in the sloping roof.

If you want to take advantage of the sloping roof to create a full wall wardrobe, this is no problem. We will work with you to plan how much storage space you need. A common misconception is that customer assume when considering slope ceiling wardrobes is that, storage space is lost and the wardrobe in the sloping roof offers too little storage space. But with a custom-made wardrobe from us, this is not the case. We make sure that the sloping roof wardrobe fits perfectly and offers you a clever interior system and also looks super stylish and matches your interior.

sloped ceiling sliding door
Storage under the stairs

A custom built-in wardrobe allows the space under the stairs to be fully utilised. On this area you can freeze storage space for shoes, toys of pets, jackets and much more. The area can be equipped with shelves, clothes rail or wardrobe accessories such as a pull-out shoe rack. There are no limits to creativity here. The built-in wardrobe under the stairs also has the advantage that cleaning under the stairs is no longer necessary. With the extension, you create valuable storage space.

sloped ceiling wardrobe
How do you calculate the sloping roof?

There are several reasons to calculate the roof slope, not only when determining the available space. It is also important if you want to use the sloping roof to plan storage space or a walk-in wardrobe.

This is were our experts really stand out. We can do all the legwork in recommending the best solution for your space and accurately plan and calculate the space for your sloped ceiling wardrobe.

A custom-made sloping roof wardrobe is the ideal furnishing solution for rooms with sloping ceilings. For us, it doesn’t matter for what purpose you want to use the built-in wardrobe. Whether as a home office solution or as a wardrobe, you decide the use and we help you to plan and install the best solution.

We offer an all-round service and ensure that everything fits exactly to the millimetre and that you receive a high-quality piece of furniture which will give you pleasure in the long term.

Book your Design Appointment to plan your fitted wardrobe under the sloped ceiling.

Best German Wardrobes with Sliding Doors

Sliding wardrobe

Why is it best to buy bedroom furniture and sliding door wardrobes from a German manufacturer? The answer is quite simple, you not only get a custom-made, individual wardrobe solution made to measure, but also, a defined quality product with a 10-year guarantee. The options and product versatility also means, It doesn’t matter whether you need a corner wardrobe, a large wardrobe or a walk-in wardrobe for smaller bedrooms, we will always have the best solution to suite your style and space perfectly.

Read on for numerous details and interesting facts about German Wardrobes that stand the test of time and leave nothing to be desired.

At some point, everyone is faced with the question of which wardrobe best suits their own needs. There are considerable differences in wardrobes in terms of form, quality, functionality, equipment and design.

Your wardrobe should be planned according to how much clothing you own and how many people you use a wardrobe with. Plenty of storage space and utilisation of the right handle zones. The purchase of a new wardrobe should be well planned. As this is a long-term purchase.

That is why we also offer a 10-year guarantee on Raumplus wardrobes.

You can choose whether you want a large wardrobe, a walk-in wardrobe, a luxurious wardrobe or just a simple storage solution. Almost every wardrobe is placed in the bedroom. Only a few have the luxury of an extra room. But this does not mean that you have to do without a walk-in wardrobe.

With room dividers and sliding doors, you can install a walk-in wardrobe without having to make any structural changes. The perfect wardrobe fits both visually and functionally in your bedroom. That is why we also offer chests of drawers and occasional furniture as well as doors. To create a harmonious style in the bedroom.

You can design the inside of the wardrobe exactly according to your wishes.

A made-to-measure wardrobe is the perfect solution for complicated room situations.

The design can be put together individually.

Unique and particularly practical.

You can make the most of every corner

Aperia wardrobe interior
Storage options for small bedrooms

Small rooms often pose a great challenge in terms of furnishing. Finding the right place to put a wardrobe can then prove difficult. In such cases, made-to-measure wardrobes are particularly well suited to fulfilling your own wardrobe dream.

This is because a custom-made wardrobe can be adapted to sloping ceilings and niches. Uneven floors and walls can be compensated for and individual solutions can be found for the wardrobe doors.

Sliding doors are often ideal for wardrobes in small rooms, as hinged doors need considerably more space to open properly. .

room divider

There are many things to consider when choosing the right wardrobe. That’s why we’re here for you. A wardrobe can have a lot of influence on our daily routine. Let us plan a home for our favourite clothes that will bring you joy and protect your clothes in the best possible way. It is a very personal piece of furniture and you should consider it in detail before making a decision.

Visit our showroom. Let us advise you in a free appointment. We will configure your dream wardrobe and send you a free, non-binding offer.

Sliding TV Door

sliding door with tv

On a day off, wake up in the morning, have a coffee and snuggle into bed again while watching TV. Or watching your favourite show in bed in the evening. For some, this idea is the definition of relaxation and enjoyment. For others, the view of the television is a horrible image.

We have a solution for exactly this situation, with the Sliding TV Door

But its not just discussing “if a TV belongs in the bedroom or not”. These days its also a question of having a TV in the Living Space.

Some say a TV has no business in the room, others find the sight of the cables horrific, and others see a TV as a must-have.

We don’t want to go too deep into this question because the opinions differ widely. The Sliding Door from Raumplus is a multi-tasking door that combines interior design with entertainment. A flat-screen monitor incorporated into the door panel allows the closet door and room divider to be used as a TV or computer monitor.

It’s a sophisticated undercover entertainment for a living room, bedroom, or teen’s room. It allows to have a TV in the room but also to not effect the interior design and the style of the house. The TV is kept discreetly out of sight instead of dominating the space.

High-performance, compact Bluetooth speakers take the place of a stereo system, while flat-screen TVs blend into media units when not in use. We produce the Sliding TV Door according to your measurements. Our dealer will plan with you every detail of the Door. A comprehensive choice of colors and materials are available for the panel, allowing it to be coordinated with the room’s interior design.

The Sliding TV Door allows a monitor with a screen diagonal of a maximum of 55 inches and a weight of 25kg. If you would prefer a small TV screen that’s possible. The only requirement is that the door height is between 135 and 275 cm and the width between 90 and 150 cm (equivalent to a 55-inch screen).

Sliding TV Door offers :

-Elegant interior design meets entertainment
-Technology cleverly hidden
-Quality workmanship
-Adapted to the needs of every millimetre
-Innovative and modern

Sliding TV door

The highlight of the custom-made Sliding TV Door is that it makes the technology invisible when it is not in use and, if necessary, brings it to the centre of attention in a presentable way. A multi-talent that can be incorporated into an interior design for a low-key but high-end entertainment experience.

In 2019 the TV door was awarded with the Red Dot Design Award and the Choices 2019 award presented by Stylepark. We are proud of such a ingenious, multifunctional piece of furniture that can make our everyday life much more beautiful.

Red dot Award, sliding tv door

We passionately plan and manufacture sliding doors, room dividers, wardrobe systems, shelves, high boards and sideboards with the highest standards of quality and design. Every piece of furniture that leaves our production is individual and made to measure. The Sliding TV Door is just one of our smartly designed systems.